Foreign Trade

Karetta Co. has exported actively in line with the demands of foreign markets.

Foreign Trade Counseling

Karetta Co. is a Foreign Trade Management Firm. Karetta Co. makes strategical and technical studies via it takes knowledges from target market to increase export amounts of firms that Karetta Co. works together. Goods and services of firms via Active Supervisor Export System introduces to target market after this observe results of export projects and export projects are ended. Also Karetta Co. gives a report about these projects. If export projects are failed, Karetta Co. founds reasons about problems of export projects than Karetta Co. gives a report about these problems and gives advices to solve problems of firms.

There is an important difference in export than home trade, this is an additional cost .

Karetta Co. makes optimal level this additional costs via using Active Supervisor Export System .

. Counseling for export

. Marketing Research for export

. Educations about export



. Benefiting from both national and international supports and grants has gained importance in situation of which increased competition and developing economy in rapidly. In this frame project cycle envisons and to apply in rules is needed according to support and grant stipulations.

. Connecting new investments to investment incentive certificate provides many advantages such as V.A.T. and customs duties on imports , via this method, new investment spends incubation period in more confident way.

. New investments, from the begining of the birth of the investment idea and steps should evaluate by result of feasibility report with making a feasibility study, the steps taken after assessment will be more healthy.

. In accordance with the relevant legislation, municipalities, hospitals and companies engaged in production are required to take the necessary permits from departments of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of The Republic of Turkey.

. Both forest villagers and concerned companies is trained for adequate technical knowledge and skills for picking up and to produce primary and secondary production of forest products accordance with the standarts.


Psycho-Social Counseling


Psychology, is a science that investigates behaviours and mental processes. Actually, everything that person makes can enter into this definition. Behaviour is everything that person makes and in anyway measurable. If the mental processes indicate to internal facts such as thinking, remembering, feeling . That is to say, psychologists work not only
visible behaviours such as speaking or acting but also abstract but indirectly measurable behaviours that such as feeling, perception, dreams, motivation, attitude. Behaviours and mental processes are possible only as simple as a wink or behaviours and mental processes are possible as complex as solve the most difficult mathematical problems. Therefore, human behaviours, human thinkings, human feelings even  biological activities that continue providing bodily functions enter into the field of psychology studies.

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and organizational psychologists examine people in their business environment. They execute research about these subjects such as leadership, productivity, performance,  take satisfaction from job, motivation, teamwork. Establishments benefit from industrial and organizational psychologists’s works in many areas such as improving performance and productivity, providing effective training for employees and increasing employee satisfaction.

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Social Service

Social service is a field of work but social work is vocational activity in this field of work.

. Social work with person
. Social work with group
. Social work with society

Social service's main purpose is to help people for improve their skills to be able to cope with problems and people to fulfill their social functioning also to improve environmental conditions which allowing sufficient to satisfy for their individual needs.

Social service areas have diversified because of increased social problems and social problems affect people increasingly more intense as well as the complexity of the problems which emerging in very different and new areas.

Social service shows an interdisciplinary structure by its very nature. Interdisciplinary approach is the process for activation of other disciplines relevant to the topic when during it does not appear possible to cope with to answer a complex scientific problem by only one discipline or during to solve a scientific problem or during to study a scientific issue.

Bio-Psycho-Social Approach is contemporary concept and includes this opinion human consist of components biological, psychologic and social. And human is a whole.

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While people interaction with other people, as if edit a game, make spesific rules and basis. In the course of time these rules and basis are editor of their lives. Such as how should we listen lesson in the classroom, how should we eat meal, how should we withdraw money from bank and everything like these take place in order and interaction. In the light of all these described, to define is possible for sociology like this: Sociology is a social science likes other social sciences which sociology analyses all relations of people in a whole, also sociology analyses how do these relations make and how do these relations save and how do these relations change.

Sociology is not a discipline which sociology never examines person with stand-alone, also sociology never tries to solve individual problems. Sociology always examines group of person living in and behaviours of group. Because human being lives as a member of various groups whole of life . Some of these groups are small like family also some of these groups are big like city. These groups and these people affect one another while live , they grow various expectations and responsibilities. Here all these groups, social rules and social forces are interested in sociology.

Sociology examines the scientific human societies and social behaviours .
Sociology's basic idea is behaviours of person affect by group which person living in and group which person being member and behaviours of person form with interactions in these groups.

Sociologists are scientist which sociologists work on society, social institutions and relations of people.

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Industrial Sociology

Industrial Sociology is defined also as sociology of work or as sociology of job. Industrial Sociology covers scientific connections at various levels of many social sciences as sociology of organizations, psychology, social psychology, business administration, economy and many of special branches of all these sciences and in terms of the integrity of the social reality, industrial sociology tries to bring them into a synthesis relative to the structure of society.

Industrial sociology examines an industrial system as subject, also industrial sociology examines the structure of the workplace, workplace safety, union movements, productivity, employee-employer relationship, industry and community relations and examines issues such as. Also in these days the studies of industrial sociology devotes increasingly more space for issue of leisure activities as is observed.

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